Friday, August 30, 2013

Experiments with Perma Flo #4: Plum Peach Vanilla Pie Filling

And now the continuing saga of the Rurification team, on a quest to see if Perma Flo can be used in an easy, non-runny, non gloopy-gluey way to make pie filling that will stay shelf stable after you can it.

Experiment 1 is here.
Experiment 2 is here.
Experiment 3 is here.

This time I was trying to find a way to add the Perma Flo so that it wouldn't be runny, like Experiment 2, and wouldn't be gloopy like Experiments 1 and 3. 

Since Perma Flo is a sort of corn starch, I decided to dissolve it in water first, then add it when the fruit boils like their directions say to.  The trick was to use just enough water, but not too much.   I didn't want another runny pie.  I decided to use the same amount of water as Perma Flo.  It made a lovely white slurry.

And it worked beautifully!    You still have to stir quickly, but there is almost no clumping and gloop.

I prefer pies with no clumping and gloop.   What about you?

This is what I did:

Plum Peach Vanilla Pie Filling  using Perma Flo for 3 pies

12 cups of fruit
2 1/4 cups sugar
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
3/4 cups Perma Flo
3/4 cups water

 Combine the fruit, sugar and vanilla bean and let macerate overnight in the refrigerator.   The next day, put the fruit, sugar and vanilla bean in a pot and bring to a boil.  Stir frequently.   While the fruit is heating, mix the Perma Flo and water together.   When the fruit starts to boil, add the Perma Flo and stir just until clear and thick.  Remove vanilla bean.

Ladle into clean jars.  Cover with clean lids and rings.   Process quarts for 30 minutes. 

Yield:  3 quarts.

There's one more thing I'm going to try with this stuff.  Stay tuned. 

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