Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Poop Quiz!

It's been ages since we've done a poop quiz and I've been looking for just the right poop.  

I found it on my back patio.   Dee-lightful.   I got the pics just before asking the kids to hose off all the brick.    The culprits have been hanging out far too often back there and it was getting....eeww.

I'm sure you understand.
These are not the culprits. 

These butterflies do, however, enjoy partaking of the mineral content of the ... offerings.   [We also see butterflies on carrion, which is disgusting, but there's no accounting for tastes.]   These offerings were somewhat wetter than the above, but left by the same creature.

So, let me know in the comments what is responsible for this poop butterfly buffet.


  1. Looks kinda familiar, could it be chicken poop?

  2. I was gonna go for duck...something in the fowl family. Thanks for the butterfly prettied it up some! Also gave perspective. Love the poop quizzes! I have no interesting topics for poop quizzes...and I'm not gonna go looking either! :-)


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