Friday, September 6, 2013


The orange jewelweed is blooming.   It's freckled and speckled and screaming orange against the dark green leaves.   It's an annual around here, but spreads easily and blooms profusely from late July until frost.   It's an Impatiens - like the ubiquitous pink, white and red ones you find at the beginning of the season in every garden center.   These are so much more interesting.

They're about the size of the tip of your thumb to the first knuckle.  Here's a pic of the side of one with the bud of a second just above it.

You can use the sap to treat poison ivy.   Just crush the stems and apply it to the affected area.

I just recently read where someone is using jewelweed to seal a pond. Follow the links in the piece to the full story - it's really interesting.


  1. Is this also called "Touch Me Not"?? We have it up in Michigan and that's what I've heard it called. It's so pretty.

  2. Someone was able to make a salve and store it for any episodes of poison ivy itching.


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