Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lemon Honey Tea Concentrate

I love all sorts of lemon pickles and preserves.   The top shelf of the fridge and sometimes the window sills are crowded with lemon pickles in various stages of fermentation and preservation

So I was kind of excited to see another type of lemon preserve over at the blog Twenty Two Pleasant.   [It's a lovely blog with some of the best photography I've seen in a blog.  It'd be worth your while to click around and look at her gorgeous pics.]

Twenty Two Pleasant made Lemon Honey Tea Concentrate after she saw it here and it was so beautiful and sounded so good that I had to try it, too.   All you do is slice up lemons, put them in a jar and pour honey over them.  If you like ginger as much as I do, you can add some thin slices of ginger to the mix, too.

After a time, the honey and lemons meld into a jam-like consistency which you can use as a lemon tea concentrate by putting a spoonful in a mug and then pouring hot water over it.    Easy squeezy.

Generally, lemon pickles take a few weeks to do their thing, so start now and be patient.    By the time cold weather hits, it'll be ready to dip into.  Honey is anti-bacterial and that combined with the high acidity in the lemons makes this an almost fool-proof preserve.   As the lemons do their thing, they'll start to float.   That's normal.  

You can bet that I'll have a few jars of this stuff around all winter long.   Mmmmm.


  1. Robin, I have to ask, do you use "organic" lemons for this? It looks awesome but I don't have any organic lemons right now! I also like to make lemoncello but hesitate because of the cost of organic lemons. Is there anything we can do to avoid the pesticides in the skin?

    1. Hi Janice! That's a really good question. I wish I had a good answer for you. I think that if you had regular lemons and just washed them well a couple of times making sure to really rub the whole surface, you'd probably get a lot of stuff off. There are times when I just can't get the organic produce I want, but fresh and homemade is still better than processed and from a can [or tea bag].


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