Sunday, September 1, 2013

Street Signs

We got new street signs. 

This is news because 2 years ago we got new street names.   Awesome, right?

Except rumor has it that some dough-head bureaucrat decided that s/he didn't think the names would stick and we'd go back to numbers so s/he ordered new street signs last year with numbers.  

Except they weren't the same numbers they used to be.   So our road used to be 575 N, then they changed the name to Bland Rd., and put up a new sign last year that said 525 N. 

Did you catch the change from 575 to 525?  Surprise!    Ours wasn't the only change like that, either.

And being as we're all too doggoned busy to worry about crap like that, we shook our heads and continued giving the directions the way we always have:  'Turn left at the black barn - the one where that cow got hit by the tractor a few years back.   We live next to where the big drug bust was 15 years ago, just down the way from where that guy killed his brother.'

So imagine our excitement when this turned up a few weeks ago. 

No, we're not too thrilled with the name of the road being as I'm a color professional and jam maker and all, but we've had two years to get used to it and at least the sign matches the actual legal name of our road now.

We thank heaven for small favors. 

And speaking of street signs, we were driving through Clay City, Indiana and noticed this one. 

I loved it!   I've spent some time wondering how I would have spelled it if I were making a sign for that street.   I keep wanting to put in 'a'.   Eight & A Half St.     Ya know?

How would you have spelled it? 


  1. You should see the "new" South Africa..ever since 1994 they've been changing the names of every freeway,highway and street, sometimes twice...the expense businesses have to go through to change stationery, maps and mapbooks that have to be redone and rebought by..reps for example till no one knows whether they are coming ...or going..hahaha. The utter madness and chaos going on in this once beautiful country is ...words fail.

  2. LOL...Being from the area I did not associate Bland as an adjective. I thought of the family and assumed the road was named after them.


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