Sunday, September 15, 2013

Winter Squash Report 2013: Part 1

We got a decent array of winter squash this year in spite of the wet cool start and the variable end of summer.

Wild and wacky weather was the name of the weather game this summer. 

Here are a couple of the cool varieties we grew.   This one is Black Futsu.   Beautiful shape and a lovely blue-ish cast.   

I hope it tastes as good as it looks.   They're a medium sized pumpkin - as big as your head - that's still a lot of pie. 

The truth is, they're so pretty, I wait until the last second to cut them open.    I just love looking at the outsides.

This was another new one for us.   Honeyboat delicata.   These were so good we couldn't keep the bugs off them.   Reasonable prolific for us, they are smaller - the length of your hand.   They ripened early.   

We'll do these again.   Just because they're so cute.

I know that's a dumb reason.  I don't care.   The world needs more cute squash.  Amen.

More squash in a later post.  Stay tuned.

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