Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chez Rural

I've been working on my French.

It's not pretty. Neither is this junky corner of the property.

I've been working on my French since graduate school, when one day I was trying to say 'What a pity!' [Quel dommage!] and it came out 'Quel fromage!' - [What cheese!   Foreshadowing, anyone?]

I swear these junky corners tableaux just spontaneously appear overnight  [du jour de lendemain] around our place.   Here you see some snow shovels, a bunch of buckets in various stages of holiness...uh...holeyness? [avec des trous], an old tarp, the livestock tank we use for raising tiny birds then later for floating medium sized ducks, one of the wheelbarrows, an old galvanized tub that the hose is sometimes curled up neatly in, various old hoses, a pile of 'pretty' rocks and parts of an old swingset [balancoire].

Oh.  And weeds.  Les mauvaises herbes.  The bad herbs.  They totally give the whole tableau a certain je ne sais pas quoi [Thank you, Karen, for the right spelling.]

Fin.   [The end.]

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