Thursday, October 3, 2013

Duck Therapy

I've told you before about the problem we have with stray dogs out here.  Not long ago, a couple of those strays attacked our flock of ducks.  Luckily I was there when it happened and was able to get the dogs away before they could kill any.   Four of the ducks were gashed and one of those was left with a pretty bad leg. 

K2 took charge with the Blu-Kote and we checked everyone over and sprayed the four hurt ones.   One of the nice things about the blu-kote is that it dyes them purple, so it's easy to see which ones need to be checked on.  

The duck with the gash in her back and a hurt leg is named Honey.  K2, Eric and I checked her over carefully looking for a break in the leg.  We didn't find one.   There was no obvious swelling either.   So, we separated her and a buddy out and have let her rest.  K2 goes out 2 or 3 times a day to check her and do some massage therapy and water therapy.  

The duck loves the water.   Big surprise.  It supports her and allows her to move the bad leg in a better way.

K2 did some research and found that warm water was recommended because it'll help things relax, so she's been using the studio sink for Honey's PT.    It seems to be working.   Slowly, she's moving the leg more and more and we're hopeful that she'll make a complete recovery. 

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