Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just for You

Many, many times during the day, I see amazing things...beautiful things...quiet stories unfolding in front of me.  Things I would love to share with you. Like the way the light hits the crabapples just right in the morning.   Or the color of yellow beech leaves at the bottom of the creek with the water rippling over them.  Or the smell of autumn willows.

There are sights and smells and sounds that are impossible to capture on film.  I am disappointed when I lose the moment or the pics turn out badly.  Then I hear the universe whisper.....
                     'That was just for you.'

It's true for you, too.  Try it.  Look around for something beautiful happening.   Breathe in the moment.

Then listen.....

                        'That was just for you.'


  1. Today I picked up a leaf with the same reds as the wool I am spinning. It made me smile! And then I realized that I couldn't keep it. It will just dry out in the house! So I launched it into the sky so someone else could find the amazingly beautiful leaf! Perhaps we remember things more when we see them and let them go.

  2. That just caused a bit of a tear-up, Robin. I love that. I so often forget to do just that, remember that I was the only person in that moment of time to see something just that way...another argument for writing, wouldn't you say? Everyone has something to say, that might be just a little different from everyone else. :-) Awesome post!


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