Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prepping for the Foundation Pour

Last fall we dug out the foundation and poured new footers

This spring we put in drainage.

We spent the summer putting forms up for the new foundation. 

These are PolySteel forms.  We got them years ago as leftovers from someone else's building project.    Follow the link for a full description of how terrific these are.

Eric spent a lot of time and worry getting these set just right so the foundation would be level all the way around and everything would be prepped for the sill plates to go right on so we can get things under roof before the new year.

Next step:   Pouring the foundation.


  1. Wow... coming along! What an exciting update. Good luck... will have to come see things again as they progress! Love you guys - Carol

  2. Our house has these poured forms for the foundation ... they are great!

  3. Coming right along! :-) Congrats!


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