Friday, November 15, 2013

Musquee de Provence Squash

The first of these lovely Musquee de Provence pumpkins developed a big bad spot, so we cut the bad spot out and roasted the rest.

When Lily cut it open, she found that some of the seeds had sprouted - inside the pumpkin.

Pretty neat, huh.

The rest of the flesh of this squash was very stringy - like spaghetti squash.  Not my favorite.   I much prefer a smooth dense texture in my eating squash.

The others were a bit smoother, but still kind of stringy.   I roasted them all anyway and we liked the taste, if not the texture.   The flesh was very wet.   I pressure canned it the way I did last year.  Pureed, it is wonderful and has made some fantastic pies.  

Bottom line:  5 stars for looks.   4 stars for taste.   We could grow this again and I'd be happy. 

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