Monday, November 25, 2013

Spinning Wheel for Sale

I have a friend who is selling an extra spinning wheel.   It's a great deal and I thought one of you might be interested in snapping this up for the holidays.

Lendrum Spinning Wheel 
and accessories:  $450

Lendrum Single Treadle Folding Wheel
Lazy Kate, 3 bobbins
[New: $560]

Wheel Bag [New: $129]

The wheel is like new and was hardly used at all.

Contact:  Lynn Hobbs  (812) 798-1093
[south of Jasonville, Indiana in Greene County]


  1. Hubby will truly kill me if I bought this...would you believe I still haven't started weaving? He says at least once a week, "can we sell it?" Sheesh.

  2. I am in Wisconsin. If still available, are you willing to send at all? I am very interested. Thanks!! 608-839-0172

    1. Hi Moli17 - Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned in the post, it's not my wheel. It belongs to a friend. You'll need to contact her directly to see if she can ship it. Her phone # is in the post, above.


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