Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hoop House Collapse

We had some heavy snow last week

You probably heard about that.

We were stuck away from the place for a couple of days and when we got back, we found this.

And this.  The hoop house didn't like the weight of freezing rain and 8 inches of snow.  Since we weren't there to brush it off occasionally during the storm, it came down. 

A few of the pvc supports broke off at the base and then the center top support broke in half when the thing came down. 

It would have been cool to see happen.

We swept the snow off with brooms and Eric climbed inside and reoriented everything while I hauled the pool ladders over so we could put them inside in case it decides to 'rest' again.  [This is why rural people keep all kinds of junk around.   You never know when you'll need that second old pool ladder.]

Notice the plastic over the greens in the beds.  The double protection really paid off. 

It looks like this now.    Eric's planning on replacing the pvc with metal conduit.   And a door on the end, which should give it a bit more stability for the next time we're away from home during a big snow [which I hope is never.]

This is what was under the lower plastic bed covers.   Lots of nice greens, slowly getting bigger and bigger.

January salads!

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