Saturday, December 21, 2013


When it snows out here, all those hidden creatures that you know live out here, but never see [or rarely, anyway] leave tracks.  Here is actual evidence of their existence and recent visits.   This is a pretty busy place.

I found these tracks in the snow next to the studio.   I think they're chipmunk or vole tracks.  

They ran along the rock wall where I have some alpine strawberries planted.    Poor thing was probably looking for a snack. 

Later, on a walk, Lily noticed these tracks going down the road.   I was glad I had the camera.


1 comment:

  1. That's neat - we love to see the tracks too. This last storm we saw the tracks of what must have been a fox that trotted through our field, through the side yard and over our stone wall. Haven't actually seen him though but apparently he's around. The little tiny bird tracks I just love - so cute. Don't you wonder where the birds sleep at night? Especially in bad weather. Merry Christmas Robin!


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