Sunday, January 12, 2014


It's common to find old chains hanging on the walls of barns and sheds out here.   This one is being salvaged from an old shed that's being torn down down the way.    They're big chains.  Fat chains.  Heavy chains.    We use them to tow things, to wrap around stumps and trees to pull them loose, to attach to come-alongs.

The last time we used one was last summer, with a come-along [wiki], to right an SUV that had been tipped over into a big ditch [driven by an inexperienced teen driver going too fast down our hill on loose gravel].   Eric hooked it all up around a big tree across the road from the wreck and after reminding the driver and his friend to keep entirely away from it and that they did not need to help push it upright, righted the thing by himself.    

Chains and come-alongs are fabulous.    [Here's a link to a bunch of come-alongs if you want to check some out].

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