Friday, January 3, 2014

Emergency Kit First Aid Book

I got this book for us for Christmas to add to our Bug Out Bags. It is full of fantastic information and exactly what I needed to keep in our emergency first aid kit. 

It is spiral bound and all of the pages are plastic coated so the book can be used in the wet without falling apart or spoiling.   I love that!

 Check out those tabs along the bottom. There are sections on:
  • safety
  • cpr
  • medical [e.g. childbirth and allergies]
  • injury [including stitches]
  • environmental dangers [e.g. altitude sickness and hypothermia]
  • poison
  • disaster
  • survival
The dimensions are 3"x6" including the binding.  It's an ideal collection of information to keep with emergency packs.  

The only thing I don't like about it is the spiral binding, which I assumed would be along the side [no biggie that it's on the top], and which is made out of plastic.  [Seriously, guys??]   I'll find a sturdier case to keep it in so it doesn't get destroyed in the pack.

Here's the link to the Amazon page:


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