Thursday, January 23, 2014

Organizing Seeds

I finally found a way to organize all my seeds.   I put them in a photo box and then labelled the dividers for the categories that made the most sense to how we garden.

I use separate dividers for the normal stuff that we plant like peas and melons and squash and tomatoes and peppers, etc.

I combined the onions and leek type stuff.  Also all the greens.    Also the herbs.  Also the root vegetables because I want to try some new ones and they'll get lost if I put them under Parsnips, because seriously, who remembers parsnips??

So far I love the system.  Everything stays contained and I don't have to use rubber bands.  The seeds I save, I just put in envelopes and file with the others.

Now that I have this and the seed viability lists, I can toss out the old stuff that won't last and know exactly what I already have so I don't re-order any more than I really need.

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