Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Soap Mold

While I was reading this book, I noticed the author's  handy-dandy soap mold.   Way cool.   Right now we pour soap into round molds made of PVC.    We have set up a good system and can turn out a pretty nice finished bar of soap in a half moon shape.  

But I've been hankering for a box mold so that we can make some layered soaps like the ones in the pic, here.    They've got vanilla soap on the bottom and mint on top.   The vanilla will get darker over time and they they'll be two-toned bars.    They smell great!

I mentioned it to Eric [read:  Honey! I think we need one of these.  Soon!  It's chemistry.   It's school.  It's math.  It's geometry.]   So we talked over the design and he bought a couple of hinges and disappeared into the basement and came back with a handy-dandy wooden mold that opens on the sides so you can pop the soap right out.

I.  Love.  It.

Here's one end from the top.   You undo those hooks to drop the sides.   We saw a plan that holds things together with velcro, but soap making is messy and none of us wanted to mess with washing the velcro.

Here it is from the top with one of the sides down.  


And here it is on its side so you can see the hinge on the bottom.   Notice the extra wood on the bottom.   That pops it up so that the sides drop down completely flat on the table.   It makes life easier when you're popping the soap out.  

Eric made the mold big enough for one of my 6 lb batches of soap.   It makes nice big bars.  We line it with freezer paper [shiny side up] before we pour the soap in and then cover it with towels when we're batching a cold process recipe. 

Now it's easy to make those layered bars of soap.   Thank you, Eric!!

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  1. I've been researching molds and really like this design! Can you help me out with the dimensions you found helpful for your 6lb mold?


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