Sunday, February 16, 2014


Not too far up our creek is a waterfall that drops off the hill into the creek.  It is spectacular this year.  

I braved the brambles and barbed wire and iced over creek to go get these pics.   I'm so glad I did because it's even more spectacular when you're up-close and personal.

Click these pics to blow them up so you can really appreciate how wonderful all this ice is.
Ice sheets and stalactites - but behind them in the cliff face are beautiful columns of ice.

No words.   Blow it up and just wander around in the pic for a while.  

At the top of the waterfall is a large piece of shale overhanging the fall.   The roots of the tree above have anchored it in.   The water is wearing away the rock layers around that shale.  Someday that tree will come down and take a whole lot of rock face with it.

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  1. Awesome photos Robin! You are right, blown up you see so much more detail. The shale under the ice in the last photo - gorgeous! Thanks for trudging through all of that to get these!


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