Friday, March 14, 2014

One Wall Up

The first wall of the new construction is up.  Eric built the wall flat on supports at 'floor' level inside the new addition and then stood it up.  Then he end nailed it in.  

That's what the very tall unit in front of the wall is for.   He ran a rope from a tree, up and over the 'crane' and tied it off to the top of the wall, then hoisted it that way. 

The crane is bolted to the rim joist in front of the room and there were three extra 2x4 supports so that the thing wouldn't pivot under the load.
It worked like a charm.  Eric did most of the lifting, then I steadied the rope while he pulled the slack out of the last little bit to finish raising it.    We'll have to do that for a couple of the other walls that are built in places where the foundation is too tall to build on the ground next to the house.

You can see how much higher the new floor will be compared to the old 'sunken' living room.    I am greatly looking forward to having a house where all the floors are level and go smoothly from room to room on a floor.   Also, I'm looking forward to 8ft ceilings instead of 7ft ceilings.  

Yay!! Our first new wall!    And just in time for our 25th wedding anniversary today.  


  1. Happy Anniversary! We are eager to see the progress develop. How are the bees doing?

  2. Happy Anniversary (although it's Happy St. Paddy's at this point)!


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