Friday, May 23, 2014


This is a dock plant - Rumex somethingorother.   Somethingorother is not part of its formal name - I just made that up.    There are a whole lot of Rumexes and I can't figure out which one it is.   Frankly I don't care.    I hate this plant.

It is a noxious weed.   In case you wondered.

It has roots to China.

It doesn't die.  Even when you kill it.   Again and again and again.   

They get huge - the size of rhubarb.

This one has made a home at the base of the steps to the studio.    I've killed it several times.  

After I took the pic, I pulled all the leaves off.   That won't kill it, but it'll slow it down.    Maybe I'll try boiling water.    Or vinegar.   Or boiling vinegar.     


  1. Does boiling vinegar work better than boiling water????

  2. It looks like R. crispus (yellow or curly dock). It's edible. Whack it off and then pinch the still tube-shaped leaves when they pop up for a salad, or use slightly larger leaves chopped or shredded and boiled as a bitter greens sub. I think you might have to go all the way to a salt-vinegar soln to kill it off. I have some patience dock seeds I can share if you want to give it a nice, sour salad/cooking green as some competition. :)


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