Friday, May 9, 2014

Flowering Shrubs

This is Viburnum carlesiiKorean spicebush.   It smells divine.    We have one of these, that I planted when it was 6 inches high and that somehow we didn't kill even though we dug under half of it when we were digging and putting in the new foundation.   It must love us. 

It's about 6 feet high now and weathered the winter gloriously.   It smells divine.  

I'm going to try to root some cuttings this year so we can have a half dozen more across the front of the house when the new construction is done.

And here's another great spring flowering shrub - Chaenomeles japonica - Japanese flowering quince.   

It's beautiful this time of year and almost indestructible.   It spreads via runners and will form a hedge if you let it.   I've seen fruit form, but never have been able to harvest, though my neighbor down the way says that she has gotten enough to make jelly with.    I'm hoping that we have enough bees to get some actual fruit eventually.

You just can't beat how gorgeous these flowers are. 

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