Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Butterweed

You know how when you notice a new word, it starts popping up in the most unlikely places?  

It's probably because we just notice it more, but at any rate, the same thing happens to me with plants all the time.   I find one and identify it and then start noticing it everywhere.  

This is butterweed.  I talked about it a few days ago.    So pretty.    So very yellow.   With those cool red-purple stems.  

Well this has been a very good year for it.   It's been everywhere and in larger numbers than I've ever noticed before.  Glades full of it under the trees.   Fields full of it in front of old barns.

Like sunshine.


  1. I guess the wee folk have been busy churning the milkweed. I wonder if there are other dairy-related weeds. What would NonfatYoghurtweed look like? Or SwissCheeseweed?

    1. Hahahaha! You're so right! The milkweed is looking pretty good already. I'm holding out for Brieweed ---


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