Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Few Garden Goals

Every year I bite off more than I can chew in the garden.    I can't help it.   I am seduced by the descriptions and the pretty pictures in the catalogs.   I always think I can squeeze one more type of winter squash in that bed.    Or a couple more tomato plants.

And then one more type turns into four more types.  

It's ridiculous.   

I'm ridiculous. 

The truth is I have very little garden discipline.   Seeds are cheap and I just have to try a couple more new types of whatever every year.   And then I look at my old seeds and can't bear to toss them.   In fact, no one will notice if I tuck a few of the old things in this year's garden.   Maybe I'll have better luck with that one variety that didn't do so well in bed #4.    If I try it with the eggplants this year and put in some more chicken dirt, it won't take up much room.   And if it dies, no one will notice. 

And then in July, the garden is a jungle and I am growing things too close together and then it rains and rains and the fungal wilt starts and the tomatoes sulk and the pumpkins take over everything.  

The point is, I need to scale back a bit in a couple of places.  


This year I am only going to plant 6 kinds of winter squash.    I said that last year, too and ended up planting 12, but this year I really mean it. 

I really do.


Only 6.

Stop laughing.   


  1. Hahahaha, that is so me! The first year I moved to my current house I think I planted every seed type I had. The garden soon became a giant weed bed. Of course all the garden chores come up at the same time the bees start getting active too and the bees tend to take my priority time. The second year I scaled way back and built three raised beds and only planted them. This coming year I am ready to plant everything again! My problem is that I like to grow things just to see them grow. I planted some Sorghum Cane seed I got from my Uncle and filled three ziploc bags with the seed from those plants. I'd love to make molasses with it someday but I can't see that happening. I'll probably plant those seeds next year just to make sure I can harvest more seeds. Pathetic I know =)

    1. Dude. I totally understand. I was out there today wondering if I had space to put in 4 more raised beds to connect the veg garden area with the new berry/bee area.

      RE: the sorghum. One of the places that I pass on my way to Clay City was harvesting sorghum last year. I was curious, so I did a google on harvesting and pressing. Super interesting!! Great forums and support out there for it.

    2. Yeah, my dad's family is all from Tennessee. Most of them now live here in Michigan. So my uncle whom I got the seed from actually does plant it and make molasses with it. It has been a Fall tradition in my family since I was a kid. The advantage they have is they have a solid metal drum press for the cane and a cinder block cook house. I have neither! The press used to be turned by a mule but now they are so hi-tech and it is turned with a lawn tractor! =)

    3. THAT is cool!! The closest I'll come to doing sorghum is doing the maple syrup. Much less fussy.


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