Monday, May 25, 2015

Arugula Flowers

I plant arugula in the fall in every cold frame I can. Sometimes it languishes during the winter, but when it really gets going in the spring, it really gets going.   

I generally let them bolt and go to seed because they self sow nicely and will come up in every nook and cranny and shady spot in the garden - and we eat it all.  

Arugula is in the Cruciferae family - you can tell by the flowers: four petals in a cross shape. [Cresses and mustard are, too.]  They are a part of the brassica family and the only brassica that I can grow reliably without cabbage worms bothering them.   We've never seen a single cabbage worm on them ever.  

I like the flowers.  They're pretty and just as tasty as the leaves in salads. 


  1. B and I love arugula but hubby finds it too stinky. We're still in search of a variety that he can stand. I like veggies that self seed!

    1. Stinky? Lol. I always thought that arugula tasted like bacon. I love that smoky flavor. I'm planting garden huckleberries this year - rumor has it they self sow like crazy, too. Right now the cilantro is trying to take over the garden....


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