Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bees in a Row

I got all four hives settled with their bees.  The flow has been good so far this year and I'm hoping that each colony will fill 2 boxes with brood.

We're going with solid bottom boards this year and that seems to have made an immediate difference in how well the bees build up.   Who knew??

We decided to put the long hive in the row with the others.   Our strongest nuc happened to go in there and I'm glad of it because that colony might just be strong enough to make it through the winter in that box.   We'll see....


  1. So are you using some sort of Imrie shim as your bottom board/entrance?

    1. Hi Mark - We decided to use the basic design of the inner covers only completely solid, with no screened hole for a syrup jar. That way we just build inners and bottoms with the same pattern. Bees are loving it so far. The long hive has old screened bottom boards and we stuffed pink insulation boards over the screens to seal them up until Eric has a chance to do a whole new bottom for them. We'll be adding slat boards just above the bottom boards in the next month or so when the weather gets hot to increase ventilation [a la Rusty from Honey Bee Suite]

    2. Gotcha. Are you worried about the size of the entrance at all? Are you going to add a top entrance in addition to the bottom entrance?

    3. You know, I was worried. [The nuc that went into the long green hive was big and poured out every opening.] However, we have had big robbing problems here in past years - other bees, yellow jackets, etc. So, we left the openings small in the bottoms [which I can use as tops if I wanted to] and I did put inner covers on with the openings down so the bees could use a top or a bottom entrance. Interesting - the nucs both like the top and the packages both like the bottom. I put a different reducer in the bottom long hive so they have a much bigger entrance now. Pics and post soon.


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