Thursday, June 25, 2015


Lily took these pics.

It has rained here a lot this year.   Rain can be a pain but it's important to know how to deal with rain.   Because all-sunshine makes a desert. And let's face it. Sometimes it rains.   A lot.

And sometimes you get hurt.   And sometimes people are jerks.   And sometimes bad stuff happens.   And sometimes it's really bad. 
I fear we are raising a generation of children who think that all difficult things can and should be avoided.    No pain, no risk, no frustration, no disappointment.   And they're trying to legislate it now.  Like you can make laws that take the risk out of real life.

I've got news for them:   Real life doesn't work that way.   If you want to be a grown up, you're going to have to accept that a full life comes with risk, injury, pain, disappointment, anger and frustration.

It is foolish to believe that these things can be eliminated from life.  The history of humanity is pretty much evidence that it can't be done.

It is a mark of maturity to learn how to deal with them well.  To cope.  To regain balance.

Pain can be a real blessing.   Work and sweat and discomfort and risk and frustration and anger can all be real blessings.  It is a powerful thing to learn how to deal with them. 

You don't need someone to rescue you from the difficult things in life.   You just need practice dealing with them and an understanding that sometimes it's messy.  Suit up and be the superhero in your own life.

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