Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Early Fall

Tis the season of dew and spiders.  They are both more spectacular in early fall than at any other time of the year.  Lily grabbed the camera and got these shots.

I saw a funny thing the other day - a large spider had spun a huge web [2 ft across] near the road, between an electric pole and the support wire next to it.   The spider sat in the center and was busy wrapping up a stink bug for later.   Half a dozen gnats were pestering that spider just like they pester us.   One or two would land on the spider's back and it would twitch a leg or two to try to get them off.  I watched for several minutes.  It looked just as annoyed as we do with those blasted gnats.    

In other news, we have a new truck - hence the radio silence last week while Eric was gone to Idaho to pick it up and visit family with our youngest, and Lily and I held down the fort here.

Also, we have hung the girls' doors, and are putting up the trim in their rooms, which means I have stained and shellacked miles of poplar trim and pine jambs.  

Also, I am a total hypocrite because I recently on this blog made a snide comment about the previous staining of light wood in dark colors [the antique flooring] and then found myself staining the very light poplar and pine trim, etc. with a couple of layers of red chestnut stain and then 6-8 coats of shellac so it would be dark to match the old doors.  Mea culpa.

Also, because the doors are so...weird...and short...we will be building transoms above them.   I'll do a post on that as we get going on that project.    In the meantime, happy creating to you all!

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  1. Guess the spider didn't bother eating the gnats since they're too small a morsel? Congrats on your new truck!

    Saw C today at the library...gosh, she is so hip and gorgeous! Congrats to her on getting a job, too!


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