Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Asparagus

Pretty in the morning with all the dew, isn't it? Lily thought so, too and got this pic for me.

Four weeks ago, I cut all the asparagus trees down for the season.   

Ha!  They took right off again.  Now they are almost as big as before - blooming as well as ever, too, which makes the bees happy.

I am trying to keep these as strong and healthy as possible for spring harvest, so I have resisted going out there every day to pick the one or two new stalks.   We're enjoying the view, though.


  1. How many years does it take for asparagus to begin producing?

  2. I planted bare roots and waited until the 2nd spring after planting to harvest any. These plants are so happy [chicken dirt] that I think I'll be able to harvest as much as I want next spring.


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