Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Door Trim

This is the door trim we are putting around the doors in the bedrooms upstairs.  Lily's door.  I love the craftsman styling.  

We decided to do transoms above the doors because:
a.  The doors don't match.
b.  The doors are all different heights.
c.  The doors all have stories [code for: some of them are looking pretty rough in places] and the transoms will tie them together nicely.
d.  It was all a good excuse to do it.

I'll do a post as we get closer to doing the transoms.   I got the hardware [not on there yet] from House of Antique Hardware during a 25% off sale this summer.   It's the only way I could rationalize it.   Eric will be building the transoms from scratch.

The trim is poplar.   We did 2 coats of Red Chestnut stain and 6-8 coats of amber shellac after that with a couple sandings with 220 grit after every 2-3 coats of shellac. I stopped when the look and feel was right. 

The trim goes fabulously with the doors.

Here's Claire's door trim.

Please notice that my kids are not afraid of color.  At.  All.   They chose their own colors and when they get tired of it, paint is cheap and painting is easy.   We'll change it if we ever have to.

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