Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is Eric in his natural habitat.    And he smiled for the camera, so woo-hoo!

Please note that he is in Claire's closet in front of the wall that used to be the door that we got in and out of the upstairs through.

Note that it is a wall now.     That is signficant.

But first a little back story.

This is the back of the house.   That short addition used to be a porch, later enclosed, but not actually put on a foundation. It is slated for demolition, which will be a very happy day. [We'll put on a similar addition, only a bit bigger and it will actually have a foundation under it.   The new kitchen and pantry and mudroom will be in there eventually.]

At the peak of the roof you can see the Typar 'door' where we've been getting in and out of the upstairs addition for the last year.

We've been climbing up this ladder to the roof over the back room and then up to the peak, then in and out of the wall inside Claire's closet.

I know, right?     So.     Elegant.

Seriously.    Call the Country Living people because they'll surely want to know all about us.   [Is it possible to get one's eyes stuck in the back of one's head by rolling them too hard?]

Mostly I just pretended that it was perfectly normal and that everyone goes upstairs via the great outdoors, a ladder, and a closet wall.

You know.   For a year.

But all good things must come to an end and our ladder climbing days are over for now.


We Have an INSIDE Stairway.

This is a temporary arrangement for now that will allow us to finish the upstairs and live up there as needed until we can finish the re-do of the downstairs, which will be a total remodel down to the last nail.    The final stairs will be in this general area but that's it.  The final design is very different.


As you can see, it is very steep [I come down backward like a ladder] but it is plenty wide enough to get furniture up and down on.

Which is important because the girls rooms are just about done and there is mega furniture moving in the near future!  Yay!

Also, it's just about winter.  Which brings up the question of how to winterize a partially finished upstairs with some interesting structural irregularities between floors.    I'll get to that in a post next week.   Stay tuned. 

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