Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Apple a Day

Apples.  4x6 each.  Watercolor.  January 2016.

This was a homework assignment for the Craftsy class by Mary Murphy on Watercolor Techniques.

Goals:  Practice glazes [multiple layers of colors].  Use gouache for highlights.  Practice using masking fluid.

Execution:  Used many glazes to achieve the colors on the apples. Start light, work darker.  Used white gouache for the reflections on the apples.  Used masking fluid for spots on apples.

Learned: It's OK to start dark with some layers.   I think I got the best color on the top left apple, and that was the one where my first glaze was 'way too dark' on the bottom of the apple.  Also, masking fluid takes a long time to dry so have a hair dryer close by when you use it or wait for hours. 

Another thing I learned was that I'm good at thinking in terms of subject and shadow, but I have a big empty space where 'backgrounds' is supposed to be in my art brain.    If anyone can point me to a resource that specifically teaches how to think about backgrounds [not just composition in general], I'd be grateful. 

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