Monday, July 18, 2016

Painting Class with Judy Mudd

In my eternal quest to become a really good painter, I took a class from Judy Mudd in Berea, Ky earlier this month.

It was amazing.    I'd never done a class like that before so I decided to go with the flow.  She had done a lot of prep before hand, chosen the reference photos and worked up a finished painting so we knew what we were aiming for.  

We spent a lot of time gathered around her easel watching her demo, then back to our own work, then back to demo, back to ours, etc. a section at a time.  

Here's the thing.   When you take a class like this from a gifted artist and teacher, she brings out the best in you.    I do not paint as well as I painted in this class, yet every pencil mark, every puddle and brush stroke in these paintings is really mine.   I painted these...and was stunned afterward that I did.

We painted this one the first day.  There are some things I'd like to fix, but I tried a bunch of new stuff and it looks pretty OK.  I was really happy with it.  [And truthfully, the best thing about this is the rust on the silo.  I invented that rust - it wasn't in the reference photo.  I love that rust.]

The second day, we did the white house on the curve [above].   A bunch of stuff clicked and I was amazed at how successful that piece is.

Here's the other thing.  Now I'm kind of scared that I won't be able to do my own stuff that well.  Yeah.  So I've pinned these up in my space to remind me of what we did.   I have my class notes out and open so I can refer back when I need to.   And I'm going to keep on painting.  


  1. You ARE incredible!! Miss you my friend.

    1. Suz!! I wish we were closer. I often say to the girls, 'I wish Suz were here!' Sending love...


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