Sunday, August 14, 2016

Berry Patch

Last year I planted blackberries and raspberries around 3 sides of my apiary.   The berries act as a windblock for the bees and it was nice to give the berries a place where they could go a little hogwild.

And they have.   Some of the canes are a good 12 feet long.   When we prune next, I'm going to pull out my 4 ft stakes and put in some 6 ft ones so I can impose some order into this thicket and make it easier to harvest.

As it is, Pepper snags the ripe berries at the bottom and we lose a few on the interior of the thicket where they can't be seen, but we're getting enough that everyone is happily munching on fresh blackberries most days.  


  1. We've had a black berry patch for years, and it yields many pounds of black berries. This year I tried to expand and I planted (3) raspberry plants. When I bought them from the store, they had 10 inch stems with many green healthy leaves. I planted them around May, following the instructions to loosen the roots by soaking in cool water, and then planting in a deep hole backfilled with loose soil so the roots could expand. Approximately 2 weeks after planting, the leaves shriveled up and died, and now the stems have snapped off at the ground and there's no sign of life. It's like they all suffered transplant shock. I wonder if the roots are still alive and will come back next year or not?

    1. Raspberries are weird. I realized that mine were fainting because of the heat, so I put on a soaker hose and they're zooming back to life. New growth and everything. Gook luck with yours!


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