Monday, August 22, 2016

Elderberry Jelly

They're finally ripe!   I've been waiting on elderberries since they first put out new leaves in the spring.   This year our bush was loaded with flowers and I've been watching the berries slowly ripen for months.

I've been gathering the berries off the stems and putting them right in the freezer so when I have enough I can make jam.   On Friday, my neighbor said I could come pick off her place, too, so I have loads!

When they were all stripped, I had 10 cups of berries.   I added 4 cups of water and boiled.  After I strained it, I had 5 1/2 cups of juice and I followed this recipe here:


I used 1 Tablespoon pectin per cup of juice.  And for sweetening, I used 1 cup of honey from my very own bees [scavenged from damaged comb from last winter] and 1 cup sugar.    Perfect.

What kinds of jam and jelly are you making this year?

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