Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gallery Walks

Photo:  Claire Jenness
It's been great to see more places offering gallery walks once a month.

What is a Gallery Walk?   Once a month, all of the galleries, arty-type shops, etc. in a town stay open for a few extra hours one evening [often a Friday] so people can stop in and see what's on the walls. They are usually close enough together that you can park and walk around to them all.

What's really nice is if the town has organized the gallery walk with a map, so you can see just where each place is and plan your walk for maximum enjoyment.

Bloomington, Indiana has 11 places listed on the official Gallery Walk Map.

It's a great way to see what kinds of art you like [or don't like], meet the artists, and get to know the galleries. There are often delicious treats and drinks of all kinds to enjoy while you're looking around. Galleries change art pretty frequently, so every month you are sure to see something new or find a hidden gem of an artist.
Photo:  Eric Jenness

At last Friday's Gallery Walk, I had the chance to demonstrate watercolor for a couple of budding artists in the community. It was really fun to spend some time talking to these children about just how we do what we do.
So here's the thing - the purpose of the gallery walk is not to buy art, it's to enjoy it.  So much the better if you find something to take home with you, but if you and a friend or your kids have spent a happy few hours celebrating the creativity of some local artists and getting inspired to try your hand at creating something yourselves, that is time very well spent.

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