Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So I've been thinking about classes...

Jean Haines has written a terrific book called 'Paint Yourself Calm'.   I've been doing a lot of the activities and I can't say enough good things about it.

Her focus is on using watercolor painting as a type of meditation, if you will, to lift your spirits, center you in the moment, help you exercise mindfulness, etc.

As I was thinking of all I have learned from the book, I really started to want to share it in a way that is collaborative, so that the members of a group can support each other in shifting the focus of an art activity from 'I must make something gorgeous or I'm a failure.' to 'Oh!  Look at what the paint did there!'

So I'm planning a class called 'Watercolor for Relaxation'.   Here's a description.  Please let me know if you'd be interested in a class like this:

Class:  Watercolor for Relaxation

So often we sit down to creative work with the heavy expectation of creating a masterpiece...or at least something that will bring compliments from viewers.  The purpose of this class is to let go of the expectation of creating something perfect and finished and replace it with the calm of simply observing what the paint and water do together.   No expectations, just fun.  

We will play with color, learn how different pigments react with water, experiment with salt and plastic wrap effects, play with abstract compositions and a few other surprises.  

This class is appropriate for all levels of skill, including people who have never touched watercolor before.  [It will probably be hardest for people who are used to trying to paint 'something' instead of just playing].  

Cost:  $60.   Materials included [though you may bring your own things if that is more comfortable.]
Dates:  TBA
Time:  1:30-4:30pm [May go longer if you're having fun]
Location:  Robin's Studio.  6877 E Bland Rd. Solsberry, Indiana

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