Thursday, October 4, 2018


© Robin Edmundson, 'Chicory 2', watercolor. 
5 x 7 inches, framed to 9 x 11 inches.  $95.

My friend, Eve, asked me if I'd tried painting chicory.  I hadn't. What a great reason to try.

Chicory is a roadside staple out here.  It grows in every dry boulevard and ditch and blooms a glorious blue from late June through September. 

© Robin Edmundson, 'Chicory 1', watercolor. 
7 x 5 inches, framed to 11 x 9 inches.  $95.

I used phthalo blue and dioxazine violet for the flowers.  Sap and Undersea greens with a bit of raw sienna for the greenery.

I'm loving that blue.

© Robin Edmundson, 'Chicory 3', watercolor. 
9 x 6 inches, framed to 15 x 12 inches.  $150.

Now that they're matted and framed and look all dressed up, I'm wondering what small florals should I try out next?


  1. Love , love, love—especially Chicory 1. It gives the perfect amount of detail—just enough to tell the story. I love the soft edges contrasted with the hard edges as well as the contrast in values, so beautifully loose!

    1. I'm so glad you like them! I have been working on those edges, paying attention to what's going on around them. I learned some great stuff from Jean Haines' latest book about edges - just from looking at her paintings.

  2. I have a couple of her books. Which one are you referring to?

    1. It's the one on atmospheric flowers that just came out this year: Great book.


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