Monday, January 21, 2019


© Robin Edmundson, 'Haybales, Blue Trees, Quail', watercolor, 10 x 14 inches. 
Framed to 18 x 22 inches.   $375

I've been thinking a lot lately about belonging - or rather not belonging.   It's a human thing to gather into like-minded groups and to identify as 'belonging' vs. not belonging; it's a 'we' vs. 'other' thing. 

Like most people, I belong to a number of groups, and I identify with many different things.   Most of the time, I am very aware of how I am different from others in the group and in the past some people have been unpleasant when they found out about those differences. For that reason, I hang out around the fringes of most of my groups, participating cheerfully, but never quite going all-in.   I never feel like I truly belong.

It occurred to me the other night that while I don't feel like I truly belong to any particular group, I do feel like I truly belong to a particular place.

I belong to rural Indiana.  I feel it deeply - at the atomic level.  The wind is my breath,  the earth my flesh,  the creeks my blood. 

That one realization was a turning point for me in my work.   When I tap into that feeling of belonging - of being 'one' with this place - then my work takes on a certain kind of pleasing character and flow.   People respond to those pieces in ways that I would never have predicted. 

This kind of belonging is a powerful thing.


  1. I love this painting so much! I'm swooning. I'm also jealous because my haybale paintings look like cartoons in comparison. Lol You motivate me.

  2. I am so very glad you like it! I never get tired of round bales.


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