Saturday, February 12, 2011

Luxuries we don't live without

Greg Sullivan hits the nail on the head again.  Maine Family Robinson: 10 Luxuries We Don't Do Without:  read the whole thing...   and then ask yourself:  What are 10 luxuries you don't do without? Our list is a lot like his

1.  Hot water:  What Greg said.

2.  Sleep:  We go to bed when we get tired and get up when we've had enough.

3.  Good food:  A lot of it we grow ourselves.

4.  Good books:  Library, library, library.

5.  No plastic anything at the dinner table:  Yes, cloth napkins.

6.  Two meals a day together as a family:  Every day.

7.  Privacy: We know how to be by ourselves.

8.  A symphony of bird song:  But you have to shut up and listen.

9.  Plenty of real work to do:  When you live out here, there's no need for a gym membership.  

10.  Self-sufficiency:  No one else gets the credit or the blame or the control.  

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