Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sub zero morning

When it gets really cold here, we wake up to see everything covered with hoar frost.  It is magical and fleeting. 
Even the underbrush is pretty.


  1. Whoa, gorgeous shots. I love when you post this kind of stuff-pics are my fave.

  2. I love the photos..I really need to carry my camera with me more often. I work overnights, so coming home in the morning it is amazing some of the beautiful things I have witnessed, sad to say, things I KNOW I have missed many times in the rush of life. I guess driving for half an hour the same route makes you appreciate the differences every day so it is not boring. I remember one specific morning in the early fall, it was still dark when I left work, and as the sun crept up the horizon over my shoulder it lit the top of the trees and I realized at that moment why some parts of a tree turn golden before other parts, it is the parts that the sun hits most directly through out the day. I know others may have realized this long ago, but it was like a slap against my DUH..why did you never notice that before? It was a beautiful moment and ones that I continue to look forward to every day in some way :)


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