Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Garden: Coldframe.

It's time to start thinking about planting cool weather veggies:   greens, peas, fava beans, onion sets, garlic....

Our cold frame weathered the winter fabulously!     Thanks to our friend Mike Bell for passing along the idea of using hay bales to keep the cold frame warm all winter.  We had hay on three sides and as it composted, it warmed things up.   We had greens all winter.   No, they weren't happy when it went below zero, but they lived.  I had planned to put bales on the 4th side, too, but it never happened.   Turns out that as long as we had the front covered securely with heavy plastic, it did fine. 

Here's a photo from last weekend:

We have plenty of spinach, radishes, lettuce and arugula.   It loves the nicer weather.  We put a new parsley plant in it and will harvest the old radishes and plant new seed in a day or so.   


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