Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue, the supercat

We have a cat who thinks he's a .... well,  I'm not sure.    Maybe he's just a cat with superpowers.    It wouldn't be the first time we've had an animal with superpowers.

This is Blue.   He used to be Hilary Fluff.   Then Hilary's anatomy changed.  


So Hilary became Blue. 

And Blue grew.   And grew.   And became King of all he surveyed.   

Blue loves wool.   It's kind of weird.  Whenever we get the wool out to spin or felt, Blue gets in the middle of it and sleeps. 

Blue is a hunter.  

Mice.  Voles.   Moles.  Rabbits.  Birds.

Notice the feathers on his whiskers.    We think it was a titmouse.   Apparently, he likes mice with fur and feathers. 

Blue loves being outside and whenever we go on a walk, he insists on coming, too.  


Of course, he gets distracted and lags behind.   Then he yowls at us to wait for him.   Continuously.   Like echo-location.   It's noisy.   It's annoying. 

Really annoying. 

But what makes me really think he has superpowers is his affection for water. 

Yes, affection.  

When it rains, he goes out and plays in it.  He comes back to the house dripping wet.  

He crosses the creeks by walking through the water.   Or maybe he just walks on it.  

It's kind of hard to tell. 


  1. I've never seen a cat willingly walk through water. Maybe he's not even a cat!

  2. Debbie - Sometimes we wonder the same thing. His relationship with water is amazing.


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