Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a wrap!

but not the kind of wrap you can normally expect from me.  
Here's a link to my bit on the Weekly Special on fiber art that aired last night.   

And here's the page with the other bits on the fiber arts.

As a fun bit of luck, K1 and K2 appeared in the piece on the rooing day at Wee Sheep Farm - Pam is a friend of ours and we happened to be there helping that day.   And K2 is in the first part of the segment on me.    They deserve some limelight since they worked so hard taking all the photos for our piece on the behind the scenes action when The Weekly Special crew came out here


  1. Omigosh. Robin. Honey. You are beautiful. Not even being gushy. You are. I loved hearing your voice again and remembering your mannerisms and your particular inflection. Made me want to come out there and hang again.

    And there was a ton of information here. I had no idea you painted the dyes on. I pictured you somehow doing an elaborate dipping-thing. Thanks for posting this.

    Very cool.

  2. I am so proud of you! This was really well done!!!! :)

    Love you, Hon!!!!!

  3. Sent here by Janiel. Amazing. Do you use the wool fro your own sheep or do you find white wool somewhere?

  4. Hi Maleah! Sadly, we don't have sheep anymore, so I get wool elsewhere when I dye it. Mostly I dye cellulose fibers: cotton, rayon, tencel, bamboo, etc.

  5. We totally missed k2, but saw k1 twice!


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