Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vanilla Sugar

I heart vanilla.   Really, really, really heart vanilla.

We go through a lot of vanilla and since I make my own, I have all these vanilla beans just hanging around.   I get them in quantity and keep them in the freezer.    I don't care if they turn a little gray-ish before I use them.   As long as they impart that fabulous flavor, and scent, I'm a happy camper.

I made vanilla this week and while I had the beans out, I decided to make some vanilla sugar.  I used three beans and I left them tall because they fit that way into my sugar jar.   It's a two step process.

1.   Put the vanilla beans in the sugar.
2.   Wait

Step 2 is the hardest because you have to wait longer than 15 minutes.   I know.    I tried.    It's best if you wait a few days.   

Yes, days.  It's ridiculous, but what can you do?   

Since the beans have some moisture in them, the sugar might get a little clumpy - at least that's what happens in Indiana, where it's humid, because this spring it rained every day for six years.  Seriously.  

OK, I'm exaggerating.   It was much closer to only one year. And we had to build arks and start gathering the animals two by two.   And some of us started getting webbed feet.   And gills.  

It was wet, I tell you, wet. 

Where was I?    My brain has mold on it from all the blasted rain.

Oh.  Clumpy sugar.    Yeah, if the sugar clumps, just thump it with a spoon and it should be spoon-able again.   

The end.


  1. Oh my goodness, vanilla suger?! You better believe I am trying this. You unlock the inner martha stewart in me :)

  2. Oooh. I've always wanted to make this, but vanilla beans are so expensive. So, questions:

    Where do you get your bulk vanilla beans?
    How do you use this? In baking, or just eating?

  3. Janiel - try San Francisco Herb Company. There are other suggestions on this page:

    They're pricey, but worth it. Really really worth it. I've never been sorry for getting these.

  4. What do you like to do with your vanilla sugar, once you make it?

  5. Mostly I use it for desserts and things - a couple of spoonfuls in a fruit salad, to sprinkle on pies before I bake them, that kinds of thing. My kids put it in tea, too. Raspberry herb tea with vanilla sugar is wonderful.


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