Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh, yes.   We went to the movie on Friday.  

We did not do the midnight show and though my kids would have LOVED it, we were glad we waited until the 9:45 a.m. show when we heard that 1800 people showed up at our theater on Friday night for the midnight show and party.     That's about 1/3 of the entire population of town.   Apparently all the parking places were full, so people parked 'wherever'.   'Wherever' turned out not to be conducive to adequate traffic management and it was a nightmare.   I'm glad we missed that.

To celebrate all things Harry Potter [and my birthday this weekend], we made a new [to us] Butterbeer recipe by Darla over at Bakingdom.  Darla is a huge HP fan, too.  And we love her even more because she's from Indiana [!] and loves Dr. Who [!!].    Darla is awesome!  

This butterbeer is the Best. Butterbeer. Recipe.  Ever.    Here's the link to the butterbeer recipe.

You'll need to find some butter flavoring [much less caloric than butter!], so start looking around.   We found ours at Kroger, but rumor has it that you can get it at Walmart and of course you can get it online.   Darla's got a link. 

Drink up, everyone!   Happy Harry Potter 7.2!  


  1. Happy Birthday! Mine is the 23rd, so you beat me by a week. But I beat you by about 100 years, so don't get too cocky about it!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rob! I'd forgotten you were a July birthday as well. Mine was the 7th. Thank heavens we're not old or anything.

    Great recipe. Thanks for posting it. We hit the mid-morning HP7/2 also, and were so glad we went to neither the midnight showing nor the one that followed our showing.

    So, Did you like the movie?

  3. Love this recipe thank you so much and HAppy Happy birthday my friend! Getting to know you has been such a blessing. Your blog has brightened nmy spirits and your wise words incredible.


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