Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BSU Art Museum

I love university art museums.    They're always delightful surprises and the jewel of most campuses.  I love finding out what lucky purchases have been made over the years. 

We found the Ball State University art museum 7 minutes before it closed.   [Someone please tell me why these places close at 4:30 p.m.   I don't get it.] 

However, in those 7 minutes, we discovered a lovely collection of art nouveau and deco bronzes, an Alexander Calder, a fabulous little collection of Childe Hassam sketches and paintings, and several other little gems.  I wish I'd had time to take more pics.

Just inside the front door, above the foot of the stairs is a stained glass skylight.   A beautiful counterpoint to the walls that are covered with burnt orange tiles.  The orange edge of the window is the same color as the tile. 

It's impossible to get a good photo of the hallways because of all that shiny orange.

See what I mean?   This is at the top of the stairs near the entrance to the collection.  Everything goes orange - even the drywalled, white walls near the windows. 

Also, see those great deco railings?

More highlights:

I loved this big buddha!   Those are penny offerings at his feet.  Beautiful. 

And so peaceful. 

One of my favorite pieces was the centerpiece of the lower exibits.  It takes your breath away as you walk into the collection.   The photo Does Not do it justice.

This chandelier is made entirely of frosted plastic plastic bottles and bottle caps. It's hung under that huge skylight and the whole thing glows.

The thing is, it doesn't look At All like recycled garbage.  It is beautiful and the material enhances its beauty. 

It hangs above their collection of bronzes. You can see them below the chandelier.  I thought that the juxtaposition of lights and darks of the artwork, echoed in the architecture was very nice. 

Next time, we're going earlier so we can spend a few hours at this museum.


  1. I love the chandelier...were they pieces cut out of plastic bottles and were they sprayed with a paint of some kind? Waaaaay coooool!!!!


  2. That Buddha almost seems to be floating. It's so easy to pass hours away in a museum and never realize it.

  3. je-the pieces were white and frosted bottlecaps strung together and other pieces cut out of frosted plastic bottles. It took us a while to realize it was 'recycled', it was so beautiful.

    Kitten - I agree about hours in a museum. I love them.


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