Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I planted onions this year.   I got a bag of tiny bulbs from somewhere for cheap and stuck them in the ground inside my coldframe in March and then had so many left over that I stuck them all around the edges of the bed where I had the coldframe.    

I figured the ones inside the warm would shoot right up, but exactly the opposite happened.

The ones inside the coldframe stayed tiny and the ones outside shot right up and are big. 

Big and beautiful.  

You can see them all around the edge of this bed here. 

The big white flower ball is a bloom on one of the happiest ones. 

Onions are alliums.   So are chives.   Alliums all have that typical flower ball on a spike for a bloom.  

Here's a close-up.  The blooms usually last for a long time.   I've let this one stay.    I'm hoping it will set seed and then next year I'll plant it.

Or maybe I'll sow it in the coldframe this fall, let the seedlings do their thing over the winter, then transplant the babies outside in March.   

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  1. Gorgeous onions!! Alliums make such nifty flowers, don't they?


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