Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melon - Prescott Fond Blanc

Prescott Fond Blanc melons are pretty interesting looking.  It's not your typical netted muskmelon.  These are sectioned and warty.    Don't be put off.   They're pretty good and they're very easy to grow.   Of the six different types of melons I tried this year, these set fruit first and ripened first.

These got about 8 inches in diameter. 

Overnight, they will turn yellow.   The stem will start to separate from the melon and you'll know they're ready to harvest.

They have a classic melon flavor, but they're not very sweet.   If you like the less sweet varieties, I highly recommend these.   If you're looking for an easy melon to grow to make jam, these would be great because you'll be adding extra sugar.

Like all melons, Prescott Fond Blanc require a lot of good soil.   I have extremely well drained soil that we amend generously with manure.    The plants are very bug resistant.    They did fine in the heat as long as I watered during the dry spells [at least every three days].

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  1. I've never made jams with melons you have a good recipe? What a neat looking melon!


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