Sunday, August 14, 2011

Red Chinese Long Beans

The long beans are ready!    And they are really, really long.
They measured in at around 20" long.

These beans grow on vines that must be allowed to climb so we built a trellis for them.   The beans are on one side and the cukes on the other.   Everybody's happy.

The long beans shoot out little branches that end with a pair of flowers.   Red long beans have purple flowers.

Once that pair of flowers sets fruit, another set of flowers blooms off the end.   In the pic here, you can see the first pair of baby beans and the second set of flowers on this branch. 

Very symmetrical.

More baby beans and flowers.  You can see the right hand set getting longer and redder.

Almost ready to pick.   These were just over a foot long.

That's my lemon squash below them.

Finally ready.    The green beans in front look sort of inadequate in comparison, don't they.


  1. Holy Shmoley! Those are some beans. How do you fix them?

  2. Hi JE! We sauteed them with garlic and butter - they turned black! Cool! And very tasty - they have sort of a cucumber-y kick at the end. I've also been pickling them [dills and szechuan]. Will let you know how those turn out after the waiting period and we taste them.

  3. JE beat me to it! I was wondering about the flavor too. The pickled ones sound delicious. I think their foilage and little flowers are also very pretty, it's a beautiful, exotic, edible plant. I love nature!


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